These are measurements of death of infected host cells (as percentage of total cells) upon infection with two strains of bacteria, measured at two time points, in 6 independent experiments. These data repeated-measures data suitable for two-way linear mixed effects modelling with experiment and subjects as random factors.



data.frame: 24 obs. of 6 variables:


A random factor with 6 levels "e1", "e2"...


A fixed factor with 2 levels: "t100" & "t300".


A numeric column that allows plotting data on a quantitative "Time" axis. The "Time" column has "factor" type values that should be used for the ANOVA..


A fixed factor with 2 levels that we want to compare "WT" & "KO".


A random factor with 12 levels: "s1", "s2"... These are cell culture wells that were measured at two time points, and indicate "subjects" that underwent repeated-measures within each of 6 experiments. Subject IDs for WT and KO are unique and clearly indicate different wells.


Numerical dependent variable indicating propidium iodide dye uptake as a measure of cell death. These are percentage of dead cells out of total cells plated.