graf_col_palette and graf_col_palette_default functions generate colours for grafify scale functions. graf_col_palette picks sequential colours when the number of discrete colours needed is less than that in the palette. This is the default for grafify with ColoSeq = TRUE. If the number of colours required is more than that in the discrete palette, it fills intervening colours using the colorRampPalette[grDevices] function.

graf_col_palette_default(palette = "okabe_ito", reverse = FALSE, ...)







additional parameters


This generates required number of distant colours from the chosen grafify palette when called by scale functions of ggplot2.


graf_col_palette_default picks the most distant colours within the palette, rather than in the sequence they are in the palette, when the number of colours required is less than that in the palette.

Colour order can be reversed in both functions.

When only one colour discreet is required, and you want to reverse the colour palette, ColSeq should be set to FALSE.