Update in v0.2.1: This function uses lm to fit a linear model to data, passes it on to Anova, and outputs the ANOVA table with type II sum of squares with F statistics and P values. (Previous versions produced type I sum of squares using anova call.)

simple_anova(data, Y_value, Fixed_Factor, ...)



a data table object, e.g. data.frame or tibble.


name of column containing quantitative (dependent) variable, provided within "quotes".


name(s) of categorical fixed factors (independent variables) provided as a vector if more than one or within "quotes".


any additional argument to pass on to lm if required.


ANOVA table of class "anova" and "data.frame".


It requires a data table, one quantitative dependent variable and one or more independent variables. If your experiment design has random factors, use the related function mixed_anova.

This function is related to link{simple_model}.


#Basic usage 
simple_anova(data = data_doubling_time, 
Y_value = "Doubling_time", 
Fixed_Factor = "Student")
#> Anova Table (Type II tests)
#> Response: Doubling_time
#>           Sum Sq Mean sq Df F value Pr(>F)
#> Student   16.824  1.8694  9  0.4725 0.8761
#> Residuals 79.126  3.9563 20